Dramatic Adventure Performances for your child's special day!

Let our Teaching Artists take your child and his/her guests on a thrilling imaginary adventure!

Here's how it works:

  • You tell us your child's favorite story and our teaching artist(s) will create a dramatic adventure based on that story.
  • Our teaching artist (a trained teacher and theatre professional) will come to your child's party and lead the dramatic adventure by helping your child and their guests use their imaginations, voices, and bodies. 
  • As they travel through the world of the story, the teaching artist and children will become all the different characters and solve problems together. The adventure will end with a small treasure that the children get to take home! 

Availability is limited, so book a dramatic adventure performance for your child's party today!

Party Options

  • $90 – 30 minute Dramatic Adventure – 1 teacher – 10 children* (Ages 3.5-up).

  • $150 – 60 minute Dramatic Adventure – 1 teacher – 10 children* (Ages 3.5-up).

*For every additional child we charge $10 (up to 20 children under 5). A second teacher will assist when there are more than 14 children.


  • Our teaching artists are happy to come to your home/the location of your party. If your party is outside Seattle we will have to charge a mileage fee.

  • Please be aware that a large open space is required for the drama activities.

  • If you would like to rent a space, and are booking at least a month in advance, Acting Out Literacy is happy to help you find a space for your party, for a small administrative fee.

Planning for your Dramatic Adventure Party:

  • Your teaching artist (a trained teacher and theatre professional) will contact you to learn about your child, their interests, and of course their favorite story or book.

  • The teacher will design a dramatic adventure based on your child’s favorite story or book with your child's individual preferences and interests in mind.

What to expect at the Dramatic Adventure Party:

  • Your teacher will arrive and will gather the children together to begin the adventure.

  • The adventure will involve using our bodies, voices, and imaginations to re-tell and re-create your child’s favorite story.

  • The teacher and children will become all of the different characters in the story.

  • The adventure may include a dramatic reading or telling of the story by the teacher.

  • The children will travel through the story world solving problems and creating a world.

  • The adventure will end with a small prize or treasure which the children can bring home with them.


Book Your Birthday Party Early!

The more time you give us before your big day, the more likely we will have a teaching artist available for the date/time you want.