Read what parents and experts are saying about Acting Out Literacy experiences:

Last Winter I enrolled both my 9 year old and my 4 year old in Acting out Literacy's The Best Play Ever camp. Both of them had a wonderful experience and left camp each day feeling proud of their accomplishments and that they where part of something truly special. Tara and the other teachers joined with the children and explored all sorts of ideas. The teachers approached the work with respect for the children and in turn the children rose to the task of creating a collaborative respectful community. I would linger after drop off and was amazed at the thoughtful and complex conversations the children had as a group facilitated by Tara, she was able to support the younger children while also keeping the older children challenged and engaged. Our family still talks about the experience even though it happen months ago.  It truly was the best play ever!

- Parent and Curriculum Specialist Natalie Merry Palmer

Name of Camp or Class: Enchanted Winter Drama Camp (ages 3-7)
Your relationship to the child: Mom
Tell us about your child's experience: What an incredible experience for [my daughter]! She woke up every single day excited to go to camp and came home full of stories. It took us a while to translate some of her language (e.g. "pink fluffy pickle pants aka unicorns and dragons are awesome) but it made us so happy that she was so engaged and excited about the experience.
How could we have improved the experience?: No suggestions - we loved it!
What worked for you and your child about the experience?: Having the opportunity to have multiple "sharing" opportunities...we loved going to see her a few times through the camp.
Would you sign up for another Acting Out Literacy camp or class? : Yes! :)

- Parent Amy Wells